Center for Consciousness Studies
Branding, Identity System, Microsite

🏆 Center Ring Show — Bronze (Branding)
In the last few decades, there has been much progress in neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and other areas of studying human consciousness. The University of Arizona has been at the center of this progress with the Center for Consciousness Studies.
The goal with this identity system was to develop something light and flexible that mimics the idea of consciousness itself. It weighs nothing and has no tangible elements to grasp, but it is the driving force behind the human experience. Therefore, the system needed to be dynamic and bold, but also calm with a sturdy foundation.
Consciousness is a circle and science is the box laying out the environment for it to bounce on, off, and around. We can then use the cardinal directions to separate the experience into quadrants. Using this visual breakdown, we then generate an almost endless array of patterns to utilize throughout the brand experience.
Department Icons
Throughout the site, the user is met with micro-interactions. I wanted to integrate the the feeling of having an idea or a moment of realization. Zooming out to an overview of the homepage you get a view that might resemble a lab set or a scientific chart.

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