Dry Your Eyes
Brand Audit, Art Direction, Identity Design

Work in Progress​​​​​​​
Dry Your Eyes is an Atlanta local hot sauce company and catering service. They wanted to refresh and update their logo and extend their brand visuals out to allow for a broader reach across their services and beyond the hot sauce. 
Armed with only the original logo, we look to extract a full brand identity including color, type treatment, pattern systems, and more. While we want to modernize and tidy up their brand, we also want to keep the heart of the brand the same - funky, groovy, and true to the organic nature of the jamband culture and it's bright, positive vibes.
Original Logo
Original Label
Approved Moodboard / Art Direction
Working Color Palette
New Approved Base Logo
Wordmark/Lockup Explorations
Visual Extensions and Pattern Exploration
New Label Direction
Label Explorations
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