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Practice-led Research, Typeface Design

This project was initiated in a self-driven Design Lab class. The prompt was to explore the idea of obsession through practice-led research and develop a product or generate a piece of content that communicates the findings. This page documents my journey through the project, which took many sharp turns and highlights the broad state of vulnerability when obsessing over an idea.
The idea was I would create a video journal exploring my thoughts via stream of consciousness style video recordings. While creating these recordings, I would illustrate blind drawings. I would then pair the drawings with the videos to create a bridge between my head and my hands showing the visual differences between free thought and blind movement.
Things got a little weird halfway through the class and my practice began to shift, highlighting my vulnerability as a designer and student. I leaned into the shift and allowed the project to move freely. Ultimately, the product that was developed was a typeface. Since I was lost in the idea with no words, a set of letters to piece together words at a later date seemed fitting. This is a work-in-progress.
Week One
Anxiety and nervousness actually kept me from sharing this with the rest of the class. So this is technically the world premiere. I was very annoyed with how the camera was picking up the sound of the auto focusing of the lens. 
Week Two
Clearly I was already in the loony bin trying to appear in control. Editing this video together was when I realized I wasn't totally sure of myself and the idea that I had to proposed without refinement.
Blind Drawings
Week 1
Week 1
Week 2
Week 2
Week 3
Week 3
Week 4
Week 4
The Journal Entry
During week four, I was feeling lost with the project. I was anxious and didn't know what else to do, so I wrote a journal entry in the middle of night. This was the point in which I realized what I was actually obsessed with was the stress. I was stressed because my project was off-track and I was worried of how I would look in class the next day. I was vulnerable already, so I just brought my collection of notes, sketches, post-its, and this journal entry to class and just admitted I was lost. 
That class was where the project evolved from a journal into a typeface. Turning the state of vulnerability into a tool to be used to express itself in an infinite amount of ways.
Self-Portrait Overlay
Searching for Characters
By moving and rotating the blind drawings around, I began to identify different characters within them. I extracted several different types through tracing and experimentation. I ultimately landed on using the G as the foundation for the typeface.

The broad structure, with thin bridges between the sharp points, it felt the most like obsession. It visually captures the essence of obsessing over something. How brushing so heavily up against an idea or a thing we can sometimes lose site of the sharp edges when it meets it's end and we must move on.
The Typeface WIP 
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