Lab Rat
Practice-led Design Experiment
This project was initiated in a self-driven Design Lab class. I was given a list of prompts and had to choose one and write a response to the prompt. I chose "obsession". And jeez, I never knew how obsessed I was with stress until this.
It took many turns and did not end up as I originally thought it would. Ultimately, what was birthed from this experience was a typeface along with a few specimens. And a lot of stress, anxiety, and 'what is life' moments. As this is an open ended project, I will probably be working with it on and off again for an indefinite amount of time. Bare with me.
Even though it landed on a typeface, this presentation will show my entire journey as it morphed many times throughout the ten weeks of the Design Lab class. But, feel free to scroll through to bottom if you would just like to see the (un)finished typeface.
The Prompt
My Response 
The center is perceptual. We are orbiting around it constantly with only dreams to take us away. If we were to ignore this draw towards the non-orbital then the grid becomes our cage. I don’t want to see anyone in a cage, so I accept the call to break the cycle and weird them out. The chair is comfortable, but the ground is firm, and so is my grip. Letting go can truly lift the weight of fear and deliver to us the confidence we intensely seek with our every breath. Every day there is a choice to be made and this is where the paradox starts. Free-will costs us the most. Following through by diverging from the plan. Build the outcome to experience the plan. 
There is a deep desire within to explore what most would deem obtuse and divergent. Film. There is a constant “Hey come on, you can do it” in the back end of my mind while my responsibility always wets the warmth of my spiritual blanket . Abstract and surreal. I look to shed my fear and build out the odd parts of my self conscious mind. 
Throughout the quarter I would build a video journal documenting my strangest thoughts, honest stresses, and deepest fears. Once a week I will record a stream of consciousness as if no one was watching. As I am recording the video, I will create a blind painting/drawing as I am going over my emotions. At the end of the quarter I will present each video and poster as a pair. In addition I will analyze my drawings/paintings and write a creative statement about the experience. I envision these being presented in frames all in a row in a warehouse. I also anticipate producing a motion design piece utilizing the blind drawn elements blended with the video.
Week One
Anxiety and nervousness actually kept me from sharing this with the rest of the class. So this is technically the world premiere. I was very annoyed with how the camera was picking up the sound of the auto focusing of the lens. 
Week Two
Clearly I was already in the loony bin trying to appear in control. Editing this video together was when I realized I wasn't totally sure of myself and the idea that I had to proposed without refinement.
Blind Drawings
Week 1
Week 1
Week 2
Week 2
Week 3
Week 3
Week 4
Week 4
The Journal Entry
During week four, I was feeling lost with the project. I was anxious and didn't know what else to do, so I wrote a journal entry in the middle of night. This was the point in which I realized what I was actually obsessed with was the stress. I was stressed because my project was off-track and I was worried of how I would look in class the next day. I was vulnerable already, so I just brought my collection of notes, sketches, post-its, and this journal entry to class and just admitted I was lost. 
That class was where the project evolved from a journal into a typeface. Turning the state of vulnerability into a tool to be used to express itself in an infinite amount of ways.
Self-Portrait Overlay
Searching for Characters
By moving and rotating the blind drawings around, I began to identify different characters within them. I extracted several different types through tracing and experimentation. I ultimately landed on using the G as the foundation for the typeface.
The Typeface WIP 
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