Paper Pixels
Campaign Branding & Identity​​​​​​​

Paper Pixels is a campaign put together by The Film Collaborative, a non-profit, with the intention of raising capital for new art-house cinemas.
The concept behind the identity is built off of the idea that film begins on paper and then the visual blanks are filled in when the filming happens. And then from there these films usually end up on a screen in digital format, pixels.
The pixelated gradients are derived from the idea that these films are often outside of plain view until brought into focus. The black bars and yellow type treatment are a callback to subtitles.
Buisness Card Variants
The direct mail is reminiscent of a camera stuttering while trying to focus. The informational side is a nod to spotlights highlighting the focus of the story.



Case Statement
The case statement is based on the standard formatting requirements for screenplays. All body copy is set to this formatting. The titles and quotes break away from this on purpose to add some dynamics.
Formatting grid is shown to the right.
The hand drawn edits are inspired by the edits made to the screenplays as the cast and crew work through the story.
The microsite is static with no vertical scrolling.
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