Show Package, Motion Development

Clients: Adobe, Reddit
Studio: LooseWorld
Creative Director: Jesse Benjamin
My Role: Promo Graphics, Motion Graphics, Memes :-)
Photoshop Battles is a subreddit where users take regular stock images and challenge each other to make the silliest memes and edits they can. Adobe decided to partner with Reddit to turn the activity into a weeklong livestream show with a panel of comedians and irreverent personalities.

To confirm - yes, I was legitimately tasked with concepting and producing meme-tier photoshop work. As ridiculous as it is, it was a blast to see all the talent banter about :P
4m viewers - 77k upvotes - 18k comments - 5k live chat comments - 2k submissions
Celebrity Memes and Banter
Social Posts
This project was an absolute trip to work through! Being that it's brand was rather jovial and expressive, we were able to explore some fun directions that speak to the "cut&paste" nature of meme-y photoshop culture. Below are some explorations of the different motion graphic layouts (leaderboard, title card, transitions, etc) that we had fun with along the way.

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