Rimrock Lodge
Motel Rebrand
The Rimrock Lodge is a motel in Farmington, New Mexico. Their lounge was a popular destination in the 60’s and 70’s but eventually faded. And in the past 30 years the motel has become dilapidated and home to crime.
Farmington is, by most standards, a middle of nowhere town with barely anything going on. However, in 1950 one of the largest UFO sightings in U.S. history occurred. An “armada” of saucers descended upon the town and literally everyone in town witnessed this together.
Being a holy site of light, a community of believers pitched in to bring the motel back to life and provide a space of communion with the great beyond.
(It's a UFO cult.)
Numbering system
The numbers will be stacked vertically to create a new symbol for each room. The doors will have the symbol on the door and there will be a matching key. Pushing the symbology further, the stacked numbers will then be mirrored and repeated in a circular direction. This will then create the foundation for a repeating pattern to line each room with it's own unique patterned wallpaper built from the room number itself.

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