Story in the Shadow
Concept series, Mixed-media

🏆 Center Ring Student Show — Silver: Photography (Concepts)
This Pentax camera was the first camera my pops bought when he came to America. The pictures were actually taken when I first moved out on my own and took the camera with me. While in portfolio school, I rediscovered the camera with the film and got it developed. The concept is based on the idea that cameras are built to capture light, but their shell still casts a shadow in much the same way as people and their body.
Series shot with FUJIFILM Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 800 (35mm) on a Pentax K1000.
I took a picture of the camera casting an elongated shadow with my phone.
I then traced the shadows shape with tape, ink, string, and other writing materials. Once the frames were created, I placed the images from the developed roll of film into each different frame.

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