Album Art Direction, Music Video, Street Promo​​​​​​​
Üzan is a fictional post-rap experimental music artist. Born into a digital age, they find intrigue in the technology of the past. The raw grit and grainy texture emerging from the dated tools adds a layer of nostalgia for something that will never exist. Entitled "Vestige," the album explores the idea of throw-away culture and the digital age of music through the lens of analog technology.
Fun Fact
When printing the inside gatefold, one of my printer heads became clogged. For some reason the printer continued printing and it produced a distorted version of the original design. Rather than reprinting, I decided to keep it as it was on concept with the project.
Single - Vinyl
Music Video VHS & Poster Promo
Oversized v-neck stenciled with bleach
Spotify Canvas Loops
Canvas is a feature on Spotify mobile that brings a visual element to the user’s experience. It allows the artist to add an extra layer of expression to each song or album. In a digital age, the traditional element of album art has become a side-note and the Canvas feature brings it back to the front.
Teaser Music Video
Aside from the intro shots, the video was shot with Digital8 tape and then processed through a VCR into television and then re-recorded through DSLR. This process allowed artifacts to emerge and add layers of textures.
Street Promo
Source Feed
Raw footage of experimentation with merging analog and digital technology together. By outputting the A/V from the camcorder directly into the TV and recording it at the same time, fractals are created. This brings the concept of layering art, technology, and culture together in a visual outcome. We can then use this footage as source material for the album art direction and content.
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