Album Art Direction, Music Video​​​​​​​
Uzan is a fictional post-rap experimental pop artist. Born into a digital age they find intrigue in the technology of the past. The raw grit and grainy texture emerging from the dated tools adds a foundation of nostalgia for something that will never exist. Entitled Vestige, the album explores the throw-away culture of the digital age trapped in a web of information. 
Album - Outside Gatefold
Album - Inside Gatefold
Fun Fact
When printing the inside gatefold, one of my printer heads became clogged. For some reason the printer continued printing and it produced a distorted version of the original design. Rather than reprinting, I decided to keep it as it was on concept with the project.
Album - Cassette
Single - Vinyl
VHS & Poster Promo
Music Video
Aside from the intro shots, the video was shot with Digital8 tape and then processed through a vcr into television and then re-recorded through DSLR.
Poster & Photography
Source Feed
Raw footage of experimenting with merging analog and digital technology together. Created fractals by video taping the output from the camcorder into the TV and then used this as aesthetic drivers in the music video.
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