VANS & Associates
Integrated Campaign, Content Pitch

Co-Designer: Jordan Taylor 
Art Director: Matt Fenster
Copywriter: Brandon Kim
My Role: Casting, Shooting, Editing, Motion Graphics
Vans needs help to reconnect with their primary audience in a way that is authentic and unmarkety. The demographic is aged 15 - 24 and very averse to traditional advertising. This group doesn't want to be advertised to or felt like they are being sold something, they want content.

Chuck V is an irreverent, ridiculous, and quite seedy personal injury "expert" created to personify the coverage of the new shoes. With an absurdist approach and anti-design aesthetic, we created the campaign to be an anti-advertising advertising strategy that operates outside the lines and off the wall.
Non-legally binding legal fine print: "Chuck V" is not authorized to fulfill any legal claims. You'd honestly be better off just buying a pair of Vans Pro Classics yourself. Call 1-800-VANS-PRO or visit and select from endless styles created to keep you skating longer than ever. With reinforced abrasion areas, extra support and cushioning, we've created a shoe that handles the demands of all the world's skateboarders. Also, if you've made it this far thanks for hangin out. And if I'm telling the truth, this is the type of work that really juices the squeeze for my creativity, aka it's what I will be doing on the side no matter what, so like, and if you perhaps might potentially could maybe need someone to help you with something like this on the not side, but in the front, just text me whenever. 770-309-4063. Tell me I sent you and I'll let the whole team know. Hope to hear from ya. Thanks. Sorry for the run-on sentence. I got excited.
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