Vote for Less
Integrated Campaign, Experiential
We had five days to identify a non-voting demographic and develop a campaign encouraging them to vote. It could be a specific party or just a general "get out and vote" campaign. I chose to be party specific and I also wrote all of the copy myself.

Insight: Non-voters would be the largest political party if they were actually a party with 36% of them age 18 - 34. Also, in 2016 the Libertarian party had its largest voter turnout increase by over 400%.
Strategy: Bring awareness of the Libertarian party to young voters jaded by corporate political parties by placing the campaign within the sphere of socializing, partying, and being young and cavalier.
Concept: Reading between the lines of a crowded conversation.

Rolling Papers
It’s 2020. Why is cannabis legalization still a question? These would be placed in headshops and dispensaries.

“The duopoly will roll over on us until the one day we vote up. Register to vote for less government”
Tinder Ads
Sexual liberty and the right to experience that however you wish. Where else would we go? 

“Don’t let the government swipe the privacy you have left. 
What you choose to do with your body is your choice and no one else’s business. We know how completely obvious that sounds. But big government in Washington continues to push for a regulating morality with a big-brother attitude. We believe in the right to live and let live. We believe in privacy. We believe in individual liberty. 
Register to vote for less government.”
Condoms to recognize that this age group is more than likely sexually active with concerns about equality and social respect for all sexual orientations and preferences. 
The main highlight being that what you do in your bedroom is nobody’s business but you and your consenting partners. There should never be any government reach into this private space. 
QR code links to voter registration. 

“A political party doesn’t belong in your wallet or your bedroom. Vote for less government”
Trolling Tax Services
During tax season, we would rent out empty office/ business spaces near tax services. These offices would serve as local Libertarian party meetups and chapters. Inside would be a booth setup to help people register to vote. ​​​​​​​
What better time of the year to highlight bloated government spending and unethical wars on our dime? 

“War hawks are getting nice & fat eating off of your checks while policing the world daily.”
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