Hello there, I'm Ender  Like the human, not like the book.
I fare better with banter and oddly timed movie quotes than with writing about myself. That being said, I view design as a form of storytelling, a kind of investigative journalism. Ya gotta dig to find that story. Take it apart and see how it all connects and then put it back together. I believe that process involves experimentation, play, a healthy bit of risk, and a lot of good ol' fashioned shootin' the shit. Also, I believe olives to be the work of the devil. For a more in depth ramble about life and stuff, I did an episode of a podcast called "Just Getting Started" talking about both life and stuff. Link in bio. (This is the bio)

Also, I am a fresh design grad from portfolio school down at The Creative Circus. 
Holler at your boy.
Thumbs Up

The One Club: Young Ones 2020
— Merit: Advertising (Experiential)

Center Ring Student Show 
— Gold: Design (Physical/Installation)
— Gold: Advertising (Social/Interactive)
— Silver: Design (Motion Graphics)
— Silver: Photography (Concepts)
— Bronze: Design (Branding)
In a past life I traveled the country building stages. Almost lost my finger once. Glad I didn't though, I need it.
The finger I didn't lose
The finger I didn't lose
One of Kenny Chesney's trucks is a man-cave
One of Kenny Chesney's trucks is a man-cave
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