b-sides & rarities. the after-hours sesh. lab residue. a collection of experimental visual studies and designs from the cutting room floor. mixed-media, digital art, sketches, lettering and other explorations.

Digital Art​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Freestyle visual journeys.
Twin Peaks Infographic​​​​​​​
Printed out some polaroids and made me a damn fine detective board by hand.
AI // ML Adventures
Utilizing machine-learning and artificial intelligence a few weird concepts have been extracted from my brain.
Ask me about my prompts :P
Notes from Class
Notes from Home
Beyond sketch.
Mash Whiskey & Burgers
Printmaking turned food truck identity.
Type & Lettering
Letters and type.
Deathmatch Poster
Deathmatch is a class where each week we have a full project with a 5-day turnaround with the students "competing". This poster was to serve as a leaderboard where the winner and loser each week inscribes their Hancock. X-acto + Paper + Pencil + Coffee.
Hitchhiking Posters
Randos picked up along the way.
Ambient Poster Series.
Alien Conspiracy Theorists
The Deepspace is real. Toy set coming soon.
NatGeo > Collages > Postcards
Found IRL
A Collection of Red.
Finding the source
Hexcellent adventure.
I Heart Huckabees
Tinier cracks between the cracks.
Scanning liquid. Finding pixels. Relocating pixels. Water is the foundation.
Forty Eleven Special
Thank You, Please Come Again!
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