Digital Collages
Freestyle photoshop journeys.
Some of my notes from class. I bet you can't figure out which one is from the 1st grade.
Twin Peaks Infographic
Printed out some polaroids and made me a damn fun detective board by hand. Mostly. I mean I used my mouse and keyboard to set the type, but I used my hands to do that, so technically it's pretty much entirely by hand. Look, it took a long time to pin all this string.
Type & Lettering
Deathmatch is a class where each week we have a full project with a 5-day turnaround. This poster was to serve as a leaderboard where the winner and loser each week inscribes their Hancock. Made with an xacto and pencil. And paper. Also, keep an eye out for world premiere of the other 8 projects. Coming soonish maybe idk.
Hitchhiking Posters
Randos picked up along the way.
Alien Conspiracy Theorists
The deepspace is real. Toy set coming soon.
A Story From the Shadow
Bonnaroo - Ambient Poster Series
Postcards birthed from collages birthed from National Geographic magazines.
Found IRL. A Collection of Red.
Finding the source
I Heart Huckabees
Forty Eleven Special
Thank You!
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