Brand Extension, Interactive

Art Director: Matt Fenster
My Role: Visual Identity, Wordmark, Web, UX
Tracks is an extension of House of Blues that seeks to get back to it's roots — music. Starting in New Orleans, Tracks would provide tours of the city highlighting local talent, restaurants, bars, and venues. The tour would be given on trolley style tour cars and hosted by locals in each city. They will take the guests into local hot spots highlighting the city's cultural and artistic roots.
The design direction is driven by a grassroots DIY aesthetic of old concert fliers & zines with a dash of art-deco as a callback to the early designs of trolley cars.
Balboa was chosen for it's collection of various weights & styles and the movement they create, similar to music, when they are mixed and matched throughout the brand experience.
Along with our base color palette here, there will also be an array of burns, overlays, shades, and other various distortions or external elements mixed in along the way.
Tour Pass & Tickets
The tour pass includes a tear-away tab that can be exchanged for a free Uber ride home to encourage responsible drinking.
The Tour Trolley
Tour Booklet

Inside the tour booklet is a fold out map of the tour
'Taps' is a limited craft beer served on each Tracks tour around New Orleans
The website is full of micro-interactions to keep the vibe jazzy and the movement dynamic. The art-deco theme is quietly serving as the framework in which the site sits.

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