Working Remotes
Branding, Social Content, Web Design
Web/Illustration: Jordan Taylor
AD/Design: Jazmyn Wormely
Copywriter: Rich Forzano
My Role: Branding, Motion Graphics, Social Content
Covid created a new story for everyone. And for our graduating class from portfolio school, it was a story of worry, laughter, and perseverance. When we unfortunately had to cancel our in-person portfolio review. With CD's and Design Directors no longer coming to Atlanta for the traditional meet and greet, we took our stories to them digitally.
We created Working Remotes to bring a little levity and entertainment to the situation. Our digital portfolio review was transformed into a collection of "TV shows" housed in a website inspired by the old school TV Guide Channel. All of our graduating class designed and created their own characters and title screen to populate the tube. The aesthetic is inspired by the nostalgia of television in a pre-internet era, all with a pinch of analog texture and tongue in cheek.

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